Forklifts - The advantages are stacking up

It’s impossible to imagine the world’s warehouses and logistics centres without them. We are of course talking about forklifts. In agriculture, too, these versatile vehicles have long been a helpful tool on many farms. Given that they are an important tool for transporting goods within logistics operations, or for transporting bulky items on the farm, replacement parts for these vehicles are also in high demand. Until now, the European market has been highly dependent on a few suppliers. With the expansion of the GRANIT forklift parts range, this is now a thing of the past. Since the introduction of Catalogue 16, specialist dealers and workshops have been able to purchase replacement parts for the most common forklift manufacturers from GRANIT. Starting with the leading brands Jungheinrich, Linde, Still and BT, GRANIT customers have access to parts at an attractive price. But the addition of this new product range not only offers dealers a more affordable alternative to original parts. With the forklift parts from our own GRANIT PARTS brands, specialist dealers and workshops are also able to offer their customers a reliable, high-quality alternative to the original.

We continue to grow - So that GRANIT can offer the largest selection

The new range from GRANIT covers all areas of industrial truck repair, from battery and lighting, vehicle construction and flyer chains to hydraulics and maintenance kits. With the fork finder in the GRANIT webshop, we offer our customers a helpful sales and consultation tool. On the basis of the ISO/FEM class and the desired fork width and length, suitable items are selected automatically. The expansion of our range makes the addition of an industrial truck offering an interesting prospect for dealers. Not only does the new range meet the needs of existing customers, but it also opens up new customer groups. With the large range of original parts and reasonably priced own-brand alternatives available from GRANIT, our customers are now ahead of the competition.

Catalogue 16: Forklift Parts

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